Catering Menu

Our Catering menu is a la carte with larger portions! Start by picking your favorite taco filling, type of tortilla, and lastly add any toppings and sides you want!


Alambre $30

Carne Asada $30  

White Chick $30

Carnitas $30

Hippie Crack $30

Soy Hippie Crack $30
                                             *Prices are by the pound;                                                  

 12 flour tacos per pound                      or                                                                 16 corn tacos per pound


Uncooked Soft 3" Corn
(16 pk) $4

Ready to eat Soft 4" Flour
(12 pk) $5

Ready to eat Soft 10" Flour
(12 pk) $10


Shredded Cheese (1 lb) $15

Shredded Lettuce (16 oz) $16

Cut Limes (16 oz) $16

Pico de Gallo (16 oz) $25

Queso Dip (32 oz) $30

Guacamole (32 oz)  $32

*Good for 30-40 tacos


Rice (16 oz) Serves 4 $16

Beans (16 oz) Serves 4 $16

Salsa Verde (8 oz) $10

Salsa Roja (8 oz) $10

Jalapeno Crema (8 oz) $12

Chipotle Crema (8 oz) $12

Habanero Crema (8 oz) $12

Chunky Salsa Dip (32 oz) $25

Homemade Chips (64 oz tray) $20

Catering Your Larger Event

Having a wedding that needs catering? A graduation party that's missing those great summer snacks? Are you throwing a party your friends will never forget? We would love to provide our stylish Mexican cuisine to give everyone at your next big shindig something to talk about.
Let's join forces to create the ultimate outing.  We're mobile and we love to show off just how convenient we can make it for you to eat the "World's Most Best Taco!"  We can add to your concerts, farmer's markets, art shows, festivals, skateboard demos, badminton tournaments, swinger parties, secret societies meetings, quinceaneras, dog weddings, Lebowski-fests, and corporate team building exercises.

          100-guest minimum; $30 per guest. 

  • We serve all-you-can-eat tacos for 2 hours.
  • As of now, we only travel within Eagle County.

Drop us a line! 

We hope to hear from you regarding any upcoming events you might have planned!

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